Fantasyworld Hero Figure SeriesTM
Series 1: The Sun Fountain
  • Includes 8 Fully Colored, 3.5cm figures!*
  • Price Includes Shipping!**
  • For ages 11 and up.
First 300 orders get TWO Bonus Features!
      (A Special Limited Edition FWH Card,
      and a Rare Figure Stand!)

Order in Hong Kong!   Order International!
HKD 130.00
(price incl. shipping)

For HK orders, deposit direct to HSBC w/ name and address!
Click Here!
  USD 21.99
(price incl. shipping)

* This 1st series of 8 figures are Sab the Fighter, Lint the Knight, Treasure Hunter Silver, Prophecy of Love, Horse Soldier, Myra the Dream Traveller, Tubu Rock, Bakery Master. Product comes in a box package. Not for children under 3 because of small parts. Product complies with international safety standards. Products and colors may vary.
** Tax may apply in some regions.


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